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《连云港连云新城总体空间概念规划和重点地区城市设计国际方案》征集公告Notice for Soliciting International Schemes of Overall Spatial Concept Planning and Key Areas Urban Design of Lianyun New City of Lianyungang

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Urban Planning Society of China (the Undertaker) is entrusted by Lianyun New City Development and Construction Leading Group Office, Lianyun District People's Government of Lianyungang and Lianyungang Natural Resources and Planning Bureau (the Organizer) to conduct open solicitation for "International Schemes of Overall Spatial Concept Planning and Key Areas Urban Design of Lianyun New City of Lianyungang" at home and abroad. The relevant matters are hereby announced as follows: 


I. Solicitation Target


The solicitation is to implement the requirements of the "Implementation Plan for Deeply Promoting the Development and Construction of Lianyun New City" of the Lianyungang Municipal Party Committee and Lianyungang Municipal People's Government, and promote the major decision of "developing the city eastward and embracing the sea"; focus on the development of the new city center and the development orientation of the Bund in Jiangsu; insist on the global perspective, international standards and high-point orientation; draw on the advanced practices such as Xiong'an New Area, compile master plan and urban design from a high starting point, implement the new concept of urban planning, and build Lianyun New City into a two-way open economic carrying zone and a new highland of Coastal Happiness Industry and the new center of the future high-energy city. 


II. Solicitation Contents




The solicitation includes two parts, one is the overall spatial concept planning of the new city, and the other is the urban design of the key areas.

The overall spatial concept planning requires the determination of the main functions and development scale of the planning area, proposal of conceptual schemes such as the spatial layout, supporting facilities and integrated transportation. 

Urban design of the key areas focuses on spatial patterns, urban features and urban open space systems. 


III. Scope of Planning 


The overall spatial concept planning covers an area of about 110 square kilometers. Among them: the Blue Bay is about 13.8 square kilometers; the International Business Center, the Port Withdrawal Integrated City (Free Trade Zone) and the Lian Island are about 33 square kilometers; the Alkali Factory block is about 4.3 square kilometers; and others are about 58.8 square kilometers. 



Urban design scope of key areas: To Blue Bay Embankment in the north, to about 200m range of Huihai Road in the south, to the middle line of water area between the Dalian Road and Weipingshan Road in the east and to the middle line of Central Park estuary in the west. The area is about 30 square kilometers, mainly the area enclosed by the main water system of Lianyun New City and the Blue Bay Embankment, among which, the water area is about 17 square kilometers. 

For more details on the scope, please refer to the attached map. 


IV.Requirements for Applicants 

(1) 采用公开报名的方式,境内外具有合法注册且有相关设计经验的设计单位均可报名参加。其中:境内设计单位须具备城市规划甲级资质或建筑工程设计甲级资质;鼓励组成联合体报名,但联合体成员不得超过三家,联合体各方不得再单独以自己名义,或与另外设计单位组成联合体报名。境外公司联合境内设计单位的,境内设计单位资质要求同上。不接受个人及个人组合的报名。

(1) By means of open registration, the legally registered domestic and overseas design institutes with relevant design experience may register for participation of the solicitation. The domestic design institutes shall have the Grade A Urban Planning Qualification or Grade A Architectural Engineering Design Qualification; Registration with consortium is encouraged, but the consortium shall not have more than three members, the parties of the consortium shall no longer register in their own name or form other consortium with other design institutes. Where an overseas company is associated with a domestic design institutes, the requirements on the qualification for the domestic design institutes are the same as above. The registration of individual and individual combinations are not accepted. 

(2) 参与本项目的专业技术人员须为本单位的在册人员,主创设计师须有主持过多个同类型项目经验,且须全过程参与。为了保证项目参加人员对中国地区背景和相关要求的准确理解,境外团队项目专业技术人员中应至少有一名通晓汉语人士。

(2) The professional technical personnel participating in the solicitation shall be the registered personnel of the design institute. The chief designer shall have the experience in hosting several projects of the same type and must directly participate in the whole process. In order to ensure the accurate understanding of the Chinese background and relevant requirements of the project participants, at least one of the professional team members of the overseas project team should be proficient in Chinese.

(3) 应征单位根据资格预审文件要求提供完整资格预审材料。

(3) The applicant shall provide complete prequalification certificates and documents according to the requirements of the “Prequalification Document”. 

(4) 除上述条款外,当征集主办单位提出合理要求时,应征单位应继续补充提供令征集主办单位满意的资格证明文件。

(4) In addition to the provisions mentioned above, when the solicitation Organizer makes a reasonable request, the applicant shall continue to provide additional certificates of qualification to the satisfaction of the Organizer. 


V. Fees and Payment Method 



The Organizer will select the top 5 applicants to participate in the scheme design through the Prequalification Review Meeting. The results of the submitted schemes will be ranked by the experts after reviewed. The reward for the first place is RMB2.8 million; the second place is RMB1.8 million; the third place is RMB1.5 million; the fourth and fifth places are RMB1.2 million yuan each as compensation. 

After comprehensive consideration, the Organizer will select one of the top three applicants to further deepen the scheme and awarding another design contract, and the contract price will be controlled within RMB3.5 million. 


VI. Time Schedule


It is planned to organize the shortlist applicants to conduct on-site survey and hold a solicitation meeting in early August 2019. The design period is 75 days, and the expert review meeting of the plan results will be held in early November. 


VII. Precautions 


The applicant shall download the Registration Form (Annex 1) and fill it out and send it to the zxb@planning.org.cn. After receiving the Registration Form, the Undertaker will reply with the electronic version of the "Prequalification Document" and "Design Specification" by E-mail. 


Submission of the “Prequalification Document” includes both on-site submission and express delivery: 

(1) 现场递交:法定代表人及授权代表人身份证复印件、法定代表人授权委托书、承诺书、(联合体协议书)、营业执照副本、资质证明、近三年营业额、近三年包括现阶段诉讼及不良行为记录等(所有资料需加盖单位公章)。

(1) On-site submission: copies of the ID Card of the legal representative and the authorized representative, the power of attorney issued by the legal representative authorizes, letter of commitment, (agreement of the consortium), the copy of the business license, the certificate of qualification, the turnover of recent three years, the litigation and the bad behavior records of the current stage and the past three years (all documents should be stamped with the official seal of the applicant). 

(2) 快递邮寄递交:要求同现场递交。

(2) Express delivery: The requirements are the same as that of on-site submission. 


The time and place of submitting the "Prequalification Document": the applicant should fill in the "Prequalification Document" and send the written documents of the "Prequalification Document" to the following designated place before 16:00, July 30, 2019, and send the electronic version of all of the "Prequalification Document" (delivery contents submitted on-site shall be stamped with the official seal and scanned) to the designated E-mail: zxb@planning.org.cn. The address of submitting the written version of the "prequalification document" is: 1/F, North Annex Building, Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development of the People's Republic of China (MOHURD), No. 9, Sanlihe Rd., Haidian District, Beijing. The time of receiving the "Prequalification Document" is: 09:00-16:00 on weekdays. Any of the "Prequalification Document" that is overdue or does not meet the requirements will not be accepted. 


Announcement of registration result: the Organizer will select the applicants preferentially and announce the list of the shortlist applicants (consortium) within 10 days after the registration is completed.


Contact: Ms. An 010-58323856, Ms. Chen 010-58323871


Telephone Enquiry: 09:00-11:00, 14:00-16:00 on weekdays 


E-Mail: zxb@planning.org.cn


VIII. The Announcement on Solicitation will be released on www.planning.org.cn (website of Urban Planning Society of China), www.chinaasc.org (website of Architectural Society of China), and www.qifushi.com (website of Lianyungang Municipal People's Government) at the same time. The amendment and supplement of the Announcement shall be subject to the contents released via the websites aforementioned. If there is any inconsistency between the Chinese and English, the text in Chinese shall prevail. 


July 9, 2019